County Commission

The County Commission meets at 9:00 A.M. on the first and third Wednesdays of each month in the County Commission Room.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  If you have something you would like to add to the meeting agenda, you must make an appointment prior to noon on the Friday before a scheduled meeting.  To make an appointment, please call (304) 732-0007.



Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a designated body that is dedicated to making decisions and supporting the implementation of the recommendations made in the Wyoming County Strategic Development Plan and others like it.  The Planning Commission will help to formalize the discussions and approaches to planning issues already identified in the county and provide a mechanism for coordination amongst all of the elected officials, local governments and interested agencies.

The Planning Commission has members who are informed, dynamic and concerned with the full range of issues facing the county.  The Planning Commission Members were appointed by the county and ideally, would consist of different ages, sexes, occupations, backgrounds and geographic areas of the county.

Planning Commission Minutes

Planning Commission Minutes of Meeting April 27, 2016

Planning Commission Minutes of Meeting February 4, 2016 

Planning Commission Minutes of Meeting July 27, 2016 

Planning Commission Minutes of Meeting October 26,2016 



County Commission

Jason Mullins

Silas Mullins

Dr. Samuel Muscari, Sr.

Planning Commission

President - Christy Laxton
Vice President - Sue Cline
Secretary - Jackie Whitley

Michael E. Cook
Everett Frazier
Dwight Shorter, Jr.
David "Bugs" Stover
Michael Cochrane
Vicki Clay
Sue Cline
Ruby Ingram
Dvon Duncan
Tim Ellison
Stephanie Lusk
Silas Mullins

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals as Adopted by the Wyoming County Commission

Please click this link to view the notice issued by the Wyoming County Commission related to Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Goals.  Information pertaining to the rationale behind these goals can be found in print at the Wyoming County EDA office during normal business hours. 

 Special Meeting Agenda

The Planning Commission will hold a special meeting at the Wyoming County EDA Offices on march 6, 2017 at 11:00.  Please click here to view the Agenda.